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Bringing fresh produce to life

Al Bakrawe Group is one of the leading’s fresh produce importers and exporters within the Middle East, built on years of experience in handling and transporting all kinds of fruits and vegetables from all over the world with a promise to deliver quality &freshness.

Al Bakrawe Group is a UAE based company located in the heart of the Dubai Central Fruits and Vegetable Market (Al Aweer, Dubai), established by Ammar Al Bakrawe who has started his business earlier in Dubai at 1996 with a fresh produce fruit and vegetables transportation, handling, logistics, and distribution.

Al Bakrawe Group has quickly grown into one of UAE’s largest and most innovative fresh produce providers. A vision that started from local distribution to regional one has expanded further to general trading then fresh produce trading business that supplies directly the local and region’s biggest hypermarkets, supermarkets, food service operator and soon restaurants and hotel chains, bringing famous brands from all world and deliver the Middle East a quality produce with freshness. Internally Al Bakrawe Group is now consists of four companies under its umbrella.

Al Bakrawe Fruits and Vegetables       Al Bakrawe General Land Transport

Al Bakrawe General Trading                  Al Shabab Shipping

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